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The Secrets of Happy Families Book Cover

The Secrets of Happy Families

Improve Your Mornings, Rethink Family Dinner, Fight Smarter, Go Out and Play, and Much More

Tell your family history — even the bad parts.
Let your kids pick their own punishments.
Don’t worry about family dinner.
Cancel date night.

These are just a few of the surprising ideas in this first-of-its-kind, bold playbook for families today. Best-selling author and New York Times family columnist Bruce Feiler found himself squeezed between aging parents and rising children. He set out on a three-year journey to find the smartest ideas, cutting-edge research, and novel solutions to make his family happier. Instead of the usual psychologists and family “experts,” he sought out the most creative minds from Silicon Valley to the country’s top negotiators, from the set of Modern Family to the Green Berets and asked what team-building exercises and problem-solving techniques they use with their families.
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Adapt all the time. Talk. A lot. Go out and play.

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