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The Secrets of Happy Families

Improve Your Mornings, Rethink Family Dinner, Fight Smarter, Go Out and Play, and Much More

The Secrets of Happy Families book coverBest-selling author and New York Times family columnist Bruce Feiler found himself squeezed between aging parents and rising children. He set out on a three-year journey to find the smartest ideas, cutting-edge research, and novel solutions to make his family happier. READ MORE

The Council of Dads

A Story of Family, Friendship & Learning How to Live

The Council of Dads book coverWhen bestselling author Bruce Feiler was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his leg, he could only imagine all the walks he might not take with his daughters, the ballet recitals he would miss, the art projects left undone, and the aisles he might not walk down. READ MORE

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Five years ago, PBS asked me if I wanted to make a show on pilgrimage. I said I was interested in something you hear a lot, “I’m not religious; I’m spiritual. I’m on a journey.” Last year I went on six pilgrimages in 12 months–bathing with 100 million people in the Ganges, walking the Jesus Trail in the Galilee, trekking on a 700-mile Buddhist trail in Japan. The experience was life-changing and life-affirming, and the footage is mind-blowing. The series kicks off with 40 American wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan bathing in the sacred waters of Lourdes, something never seen on TV before. The six, hour-long films premiere in December and are available for streaming on I hope you are moved as much as we were traveling with American pilgrims to some of the most historic places in the world. I know the experience will trigger some meaningful conversations with your loved ones.

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Bruce is a dynamic, popular speaker at corporations, conferences, secondary schools, colleges, YPOs, and other organizations. He also consults with businesses about contemporary families. For information on arranging a speaking event or consulting appearance, please contact Chadwick Moore ( or email Bruce.

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• The Secrets of Happy Families: Surprising New Ways to Improve Your Mornings, Rethink Family Dinner, Fight Smarter, Go Out and Play, and Much More.

 Marketing to American Families: How Tech-Obsessed Kids, Overworked Moms, Active Dads, and Involved Grandparents Are Changing How Families Shop, Spend, and Connect.


• Raising a Happy Jewish Family: How to Reduce Chaos and Increase Tradition in a High-Tech World

• Can We Get Along? A Way Forward for Jews, Christians, and Muslims

• Sacred Journeys: The Rise of Pilgrimage and the Future of Faith


• The Power of Community: How to Survive and Thrive in Difficult Times

• The Stories That Bind Us: How Creating a Strong Narrative Can Help Families, Businesses, and Communities Bond Together, Overcome Obstacles, and Thrive In the 21st Century.


• The Council of Dads: A Survivor’s Story

• “You Look Great” and Other Lies: A Survivor’s Guide To Navigating The Health Care System In The Digital Age






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